Original Vaporesso Revenger Kit with NRG 5ml Tank

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  • What is the voltage range of Vaporesso revenger mod?

    0 – 9V.

  • Does it support upgrading firmware?

    Yes, it does.

  • What is the size of the screen?

    0.96 inch OLED screen.

  • Why one battery is out of power while the other battery is not?

    It is fair common if the voltages of two batteries vary a lot before use. The battery with lower voltage will be out of power sooner than the other. So it’s recommended to use pair of new batteries or charge the batteries before use.

  • Why one battery runs out quicker than the other one even if I have fully charged the batteries before use?

    It could be that these two batteries are not with the same spec. and or model. The Revenger Kit is built with low power protection program and even if one battery is with high volume after a few puffs, it will show”LOW Battery” since the low power protection is activated to protect the chipset and circuit from over-discharging.Always recommend to use a pair of batteries with same spec and model if possible to achieve best performance .

  • Why the battery is still not fully charged after a long time of charging? How does Quick Charge System work?

    In order to protect the chipset from damage, the Revenager Kit is with Equalized Charging System. When the voltages of the two batteries vary too much, it will turn into equalized charging mode.The time needed depends on how different the two battery voltages are. Once the equalized charging is completed, it will turn into Quick Charge System.So it’s not suggested to use batteries with different voltages, as it will result in longer charging time.

  • How to turn on / off it?

    Pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds.

  • How to reset it?

    You could reset to default setting by entering Default and pressing YES.

  • How to adjustment buttons lock / unlock?

    Keep pressing mode button and “+”button simultaneously for two seconds when the device is powered on, then the up and down buttons will be locked and the screen will display “SYSTEM LOCKED”. In the same way, pressing the up and mode buttons can be unlocked and the screen will display “SYSTEM UNLOCKED”.

  • How to switch display mode?

    Keep pressing up button and down button simultaneously for two seconds ,the screen display will rotate 180degrees.

  • Why the screen display “Check Atomizer”?

    The DNA does not detect an atomizer, the atomizer has shorted out, or the atomizer resistance is incorrect for the power setting.

  • Why the screen display “Weak battery”?

    The battery is deeply discharged and needs to be charged, or is damaged.

  • Why the screen display “Shorted”?

    The atomizer or wiring are short circuited.

  • Why the screen display “Ohms too Low or high”?

    The resistance of the atomizer coil is too low or high for the current wattage setting.

  • Can this item be shipped to my country?

  • Price: 70.12 53.6


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